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NY, CA, TX, FL- what state should your mail forwarding address be in? The answer will surprise you!

So, when you are ready to sign up for a mail forwarding service, after you do all the diligence on rates, plans, shipping prices, trustworthiness etc, do you look for a service that lets you keep your address in the state you are moving out of?

Don’t. Your mail forwarding address should be state agnostic.

Here’s why: once you fill out a change of address form with the USPS, it will forward your mail to that address, irrespective of where in the US it is. And US laws don’t make you liable for taxes in any state without living there. Just having an address in the state  Continue reading “NY, CA, TX, FL- what state should your mail forwarding address be in? The answer will surprise you!”

10 Questions to Help You Choose a Mail Forwarding Service

Are you planning on becoming a full time rv’er, possibly moving to another country or embarking on an extended vacation? Whatever the rhyme or reason, you just want to get your mail. The ‘how’ is the easy part, working with a mail and parcel forwarding company. The difficult part is choosing which company and pinpointing why you want to go with the chosen company. What questions should you be asking when researching a mail forwarding company? Continue reading “10 Questions to Help You Choose a Mail Forwarding Service”

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Access Urgent Mail in Minutes!

Nothing can be more frustrating than not being able to access your stuff whenever you want. As an expat, this might just be a new way of life for you. Limited access to your bank accounts, unreliable Wi-Fi, unstable cellular connections etc., the list can go on; it just isn’t as readily available as you were once used to. In this scenario, stuff is in reference to your mail! Continue reading “Access Urgent Mail in Minutes!”

Mail Forwarding, You, and Security

Committing to work with a mail forwarding company can be a big risk to take. You are putting your trust into complete and total strangers, hoping your mail is safe and secure. Checks, IRS statements, family Christmas cards, Grandma’s birthday card with a crisp $20 bill, literally everything will now be going to the hands of someone else! That can be a bit daunting, to say the least. So exactly how secure is mail forwarding? Why do you have to provide so much information just to get your mail? How do you know that your mail is safe and only accessible by you? What measures does the mail forwarding team take to ensure the confidentiality of your personal mail? Continue reading “Mail Forwarding, You, and Security”

Compliance in Global Mobility

Straight forward shipping not always so straight forward!

In the ever changing landscape of Global Mobility, one constant remains- Compliance. Compliance of laws and regulations whether they be immigration, tax or social. Compliance is not simply the threat of a fine or loss of face publicly but also adhering to regulations which are the only way to achieve a goal. One such goal for global companies with an international population is effectively distributing mail internationally, especially when the company is handling their expat mail internally. Continue reading “Compliance in Global Mobility”

Why Expats NEED Mail Forwarding

Living abroad can be a wonderful experience. A common concern for most expats is what happens to all the bills, statements, notices, etc. that you would normally receive in the mail. Voila! They disappear! Doesn’t that sound beautiful? But really, what are you supposed to do? Should you burden a family member with your mail? Your sensitive tax returns? W4’s? Haven’t established a residence in your new home, how can you still receive mail there? So many questions! Continue reading “Why Expats NEED Mail Forwarding”

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20 Top Expat Gift Ideas of 2016

This holiday season we are reminded of the phrase, ‘an item has value as long it brings the owner joy’. What better way to spark joy than to find a beautiful, curious, or practical gift for a person close to your heart. In our quest to find these humble yet cherishable gifts, we poured over hundreds of items and assembled a list of items that we either want to give or wish we would receive. Continue reading “20 Top Expat Gift Ideas of 2016”

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