Living abroad can be a wonderful experience. A common concern for most expats is what happens to all the bills, statements, notices, etc. that you would normally receive in the mail. Voila! They disappear! Doesn’t that sound beautiful? But really, what are you supposed to do? Should you burden a family member with your mail? Your sensitive tax returns? W4’s? Haven’t established a residence in your new home, how can you still receive mail there? So many questions!

The solution is pretty simple. Mail forwarding. You sign up, obtain a US mailing address and on your way you go! A trusted service for all your mail and packages to be delivered to a virtual mailbox to view the items in your inbox, letter scanning services, shredding services, shipping services, you name it. With mail forwarding, you won’t miss a beat. This is perfect for expats. You won’t have to worry about stopping any subscriptions, you know exactly where your mail is going, and you have direct access to these items online.

If you need to “open” a letter in your virtual mailbox, you can have the letters scanned to a secure pdf and sent to you within 30 minutes! During tax season, you don’t have to wait for the documents to be sent through international snail mail or worry about issues and hold-ups at customs. If you’re on a time restraint, you have multiple options on receiving your mail. Mail forwarding makes expat life super convenient. Secure, accessible, reliable and easy to use; your mail is literally at your fingertips.  

A service that we highly recommend is US Global Mail. They have been working with expats for more than 10 years and we hear a lot of expats love them.

Let us know, what service do you use?