Living abroad might sound all wonderful at first.  You and your family feel all excited about that life-changing experience…
Until one question comes up: “How am I going to get all the bills, bank statements, tax notices, etc when overseas?
You don’t even have a new address yet. 
Voila! You got a problem. A seemingly small but serious problem.

Popular Options

Google. Ask around. Then you got several options:

(1) Ask a family member or a reliable friend to pick up your mail daily

(2) Forward your mail to a family member’s or friend’s home address

(3) Use a mail forwarding service

Now you need to select the best solution. Of course.

Ask someone to pick up your mail daily?

Short-term works. Long-time not really.

If your close friend or brother asks you to pick their mail for a week, that’s fine. You can help out! But picking up their mail daily for a month or a year sounds crazy.

Plus, are you comfortable when your friend or sibling look at your bank statements or W4 form?

Forward your mail to their homes?
Still, if you can compromise your mail privacy and confidentiality.
And holding and opening up your mail for a year or two is not very easy.
Use a mail forwarding service
There are reasons why 80,000+ expats use US Global Mail mail forwarding service.
A long-term solution when you’re going to live in Japan for 2 years or moving to Costa Rica for retirement. No burden on your family or friends.
Your privacy and confidentiality ensured. No one is going to look at your mail content without your written request.
Convenience. You can manage your snail mail online via your Virtual Mailbox. Real-time notifications come every time you got a new mail or package. Request to ship, scan, or shred the mail online.
A scanned copy of any urgent mail can be available for view within 30 minutes. You can select from various forwarding carriers to fit your needs: time and budget.
Next steps
All you can do is to set a reasonable budget for the service.
How much is reasonable?  Depends on your needs and incomes, but this comparison table can provide you with some ideas.
US Global Mail plans start from $10/month. Live support available all along your journey here.
Voila! Problem solved!