Are you looking for one-of-a kind gift, bespoke items that are available only to those in the know? Want to throw a Tapas party with everything imported from Spain? Or delight your geek kiddo with a hands on science kit that is not found in regular stores?

Look no further. We have a solution for you: Subscription Boxes from the US. If you are wondering what a subscription box is- it is a recurring box that comes on a scheduled basis (weekly, monthly, every 3 months etc.) filled with items specifically catered to the subscription or to your tastes. There’s a box for everyone: kids, teens, adults, parents, nerds, beauty gurus, fur babies the list goes on! Here’s a look at a few of our favorites! 

Green Kid Crafts
green-kid-crafts subscription box for international shipping

  • A monthly subscription service geared towards educating kids in a fun, productive, eco friendly manner. Created by an environmental scientist, who is also a mother of two, who wanted her children to be engaged in a creative and educational way. For children ages 3-10, these boxes are filled with interactive games, enriching crafts, experiments and products for the developing child.


Bark Boxbarkbox subscription box- ship international

  • Dogs are seen as part of the family, so why wouldn’t there be a subscription box for these wonderful furry bundles of joy?! A custom monthly box for your dog. Based on the size of your pup, the box will be filled with treats, snacks, and toys sure to be enjoyed by your dog! The toys are both dog and owner approved. The boxes are different, every month there’s a new theme which the toys and treats will be curated from.

Loot CrateLoot crate subscription box ship international

  • Geared towards “geeks and gamers” these varying monthly subscription boxes are filled with all kinds of goodies! T-shirts, collectibles, licensed figures, sunglasses, backpacks, you name it. These fun filled boxes change every month, there’s a new uniqe theme which the items are curated from. Anything from Star-Trek to He-Man. There’s guaranteed to be a box for everyone.

Glossy Boxglossy box subscription box ship internationally

  • For the beauty expert, every month, GlossyBox comes out with a box of the latest and greatest in everything beauty products. Full sized makeup, organic teas, perfumes, lotions, books, all the must-haves for the month. These are one of the hottest subscription boxes to get, certain times of the year, there’s a waiting list just to join! Get in while you can!

Misto BoxMisto box subscription box ship internationally

  • This is one of the coolest subscription boxes on the planet. For the coffee connoisseur, you can customize this box to fit your exact taste in coffee. And if you don’t know what that is, this is a perfect way to figure out what it is you like. You can pick how often you want to receive the coffee, if you’re into organic, single origin, light, dark, whatever! There will be a coffee for you.


Fab fit fun subscription box ship internationally

  • Aimed at the busy, fabulous mother, this box is filled with full sized premium products in each box. There’s beauty products, fashion tips and tricks, home products, fitness and wellness items, the subscription box is pretty lengthy. The box comes out every 3 months and is hand picked by the FabFitFun Team!

Try The World BoxTry the world subscription box ship internationally

  • A specially selected box filled with country specific gourmet foods, each box is filled with ingredients to cook with, various drinks and snacks as well as a Culture Guide from the country. A fun sub box that helps you to create and recreate genuine tasty dishes!

Smuggler’s BountySmugglers bounty subscription box ship internationally

  • Calling all Star Wars lovers! This box is awesome! A different theme every month, this sub box is filled with various collectibles. You can receive anything from t-shirts, scarves, bobble heads, limited edition toys, lanyards, etc.! The list is extensive and fun, they do run out fast though, be sure to sign up asap!

This is a short list compared to the amount of boxes available! Anything you are looking for, I’m sure there is a sub box geared towards your tastes. Most of these boxes are available in the US only, however you can still get them internationally. It’s so easy to get a real US street address to get all your packages to. You can even use the address to get a personal shopper to do all your online shopping! The process is pretty quick actually.

Shop US

  1. Sign up for your own personal, permanent U.S. mailing address.
  2. Get your permanent U.S. address!
  3. Choose your sub box!
  4. Put your U.S. address.
  5. Done! Now, no matter where you live, even outside the U.S.!

Don’t feel left out expats! You can join the club, too! The whole family can enjoy these awesome sub boxes. Imagine what other U.S. only goods you can now get shipped to you?!