Let’s say you are currently overseas for business or pleasure, and you are missing all of the goodies back home in the U.S. You’ve just got to have them, right? We don’t blame you, which is why we dug deep to find the five most common reasons people shop online from U.S stores!

These reasons may just surprise you, or even inspire you. Either way, happy shopping!


  • Convenience. How many times have you had a day where you just had too much to do? We’re talking not even a moment to breathe? Well, shopping online can alleviate that stress. You do not have to worry about long lines, grabbing the same item as someone else at the same time, or even navigating through crowds. Shopping in the comfort of your own home never felt so good!
  • Variety. You may find that when you go to a shop, they may not offer the same types of articles as they do online. Or even the same quantity, colors, etc.
  • Specific Sales. Most stores will advertise ‘online only’ discounts or promotions that you cannot take advantage of in store. Sometimes browsing with your mouse can also get you a larger quantity of your size in clothing or shoes in comparison to the physical store.
  • Saving Items. No one likes to hear ‘Your card has declined.’ Well, with shopping from your computer, phone, or tablet, you do not have to worry about the embarrassment. Not to mention, you can save your cart right there to come back to later with your funds.
  • Easy for Travel. You may be planning a lengthy getaway this year. So how will you have the moment to stop by your favorite store and pick up the necessary supplies? Since majority of the retailers who have joined the web system are offered to many different countries, this is perfect for someone on the go!

Shop U.S retailers online and if they don’t ship to your country no worries, you can use a package forwarding service that we heard is among the best out there!